Sessions are scheduled in advance with your therapist and are typically for 50 minutes. Sometimes your counselor, or you, may determine extended time is needed for assessment or more intensive uninterrupted work. The first session will be an extensive intake. You will be asked questions about different areas of your life. Be prepared to provide names and dates of medications, doctors, therapists, and important events in your life. You may write them out ahead of time if you like. Have patience during the intake process, it will lay a solid foundation and enable us to better help you. Be prepared to tell us what we need to know in order to best help you, as well as to ask questions you have about the process.

It is important for you to understand that you will get as much out of therapy as you are able to invest into it. Please be prepared to work, sometimes between sessions. Your counselor will encourage you and be sensitive to where you are on your journey in life and, yet, may push harder than you’d like. Remember, this is done in the interest of your personal growth.

As with anything, there are risks involved in therapy. Please understand there is a chance the pain might increase before it decreases whenever exploring difficult and painful issues.

If you are uncomfortable with the way therapy is going at any time, or feel your expectations are not being met, let us know so we can talk with you about your experience of our time together. Let us know how talking about these issues impacts you throughout the rest of the week. If you need something or have questions, let us know.

Payment: Please be prepared to pay at the beginning of each session with cash or a personal check made payable to “SoulCare MFT” with "Candace" or “Paul’ written on the memo line. If you are unable to pay the full amount per session, please speak to your counselor ahead of time so we can explore other arrangements with you.

Insurance: See FAQ’s